Best Fine Dining in Scotland

Scotland is often overlooked as a tourist or holiday destination. Dogged by stories of bad weather, many people assume this windy country has little to offer apart from drizzly camping trips. The lochs, the natural beauty, the whisky, there’s a lot to like about Scotland, but people rarely consider the food. And that’s a crying shame, as in the middle of all the tartan and bagpipes, there are some amazing fine dining opportunities. Plus, due to the large areas of countryside and farm land, many of the products in these restaurants are locally sourced and entirely fresh. The following places are among the best in cities around Scotland.

1. The Table, Edinburgh

This is an unusual concept – there is one table set for ten people, and everyone in the restaurant sits there and eats the food. It’s an unusual concept, but it’s working well for this restaurant which offers a creative menu.

2. Two Fat Ladies at the Buttery, Glasgow

Two Fat Ladies is an institution in Scotland, and absolutely worth a visit next time you’re in Glasgow. The interior is classic and traditional, while the food is all freshly prepared and offers a fantastic array of flavors.

3. The Witchery, Edinburgh

This is a historic institution, and the fabulous menu changes with the seasons so you can be sure of fresh food whenever you visit.

4. The Silver Darling, Aberdeen

The location of The Silver Darling right on the rugged coastline of Northern Scotland couldn’t be home to anything other than an amazing seafood restaurant. You can literally watch the boats bringing in the catch of the day, much of which ends up on a plate in the restaurant.

5. Rocca Restaurant, St Andrews

This restaurant offers both a grill and an a la carte menu within a hotel. The food is creative and excellent quality, while the setting of the restaurant is really spectacular.

Scotland has so much to offer in terms of fine dining – even the casinos offer great food.

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