Famous British Chefs

While people only used to look to France for the best chefs, that has now changed. These days, British chefs and British food are very much desired, and you can find great meals on the street, in cafes, casinos, and small independent restaurants. A few of the pioneering British chefs are listed below, and if you ever get the opportunity to eat at one of their restaurants, you really should take it.

These guys are among several who have changed the face of British cuisine, and they’re worth checking out if you’re looking for inspiration.

Heston Blumenthal

Heston Blumenthal owns the triple Michelin star rated restaurant, The Fat Duck, and is best known as an extraordinarily experimental and creative chef. Some of his most well-known creations include Scotch eggs with a soft center – a traditional British dish made a thousand times better. His restaurants are definitely an experience, as he believes in a multi-sensory approach to cooking.

Gordon Ramsey

Gordon Ramsey is the first Scottish chef to ever attain three Michelin stars, which is a huge achievement. His restaurant Gordon Ramsey, is in London, and is frequently noted as one of the best restaurants in the capital, if not the world. He is also a TV personality and author.

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is a well known chef who is particularly skilled at Italian style food and home-style comfort food cooked with incredible flair. He has a chain of restaurants if your budget doesn’t stretch too far, as well as Barbecoa in St Pauls and Piccadilly, if you want to try out something more unique. He also has cook books you can try, and is known for working towards healthier children’s meals in the UK.

There are plenty of other amazing chefs in the UK, all you need to do is find the time to sample all their menus.

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