Three Michelin Star Restaurants in the UK

The oldest and most respected restaurant and hotel guide is undoubtedly the Michelin Guide. Having a Michelin star can cement the reputation and success of a business, while losing a star can have a dramatically negative effect. The first guide was produced in 1900, and only covered France, in a bid to get people to drive more and boost the sales of the writers’ tire business. Soon, more guides were produced for various countries, and now the guide covers the world – however only a select few establishments make the grade to gain a star. Some institutions manage to get two, or even three stars, in which case you should consider booking a table well in advance, as people will be lining up to try and get a seat.

Only four restaurants in the UK currently have three Michelin stars. These four restaurants are officially the best in the country, and while you may need to book a table a year in advance, the experience can be well worth it.

Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester

This London restaurant is located on the famous Park Lane, and while it may be based in Britain, the cuisine is entirely French. The ingredients are both French and British, and the menu is detailed and crafted to make sure all dishes are original.

The Fat Duck

The Fat Duck gained all three of its Michelin stars in just 3 years – which is incredibly fast and really highlights just how great this restaurant this. The menu here is really experimental, so it’s particularly appealing to anyone adventurous.

Restaurant Gordon Ramsey

Gordon Ramsey may now be a household name, however around twenty years ago he was a chef who opened his first restaurant. That restaurant now has 3 Michelin stars, and he is the first Scottish chef to have achieve this accolade.

The Waterside Inn, Berkshire

This restaurant belongs to a famous cooking family – so you are in safe hands here, as generations of knowledge is in the kitchen.

These are without doubt the best of what the UK can offer.

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