Top Restaurants in the North West

The North West of England is well known for a variety of reasons. For one, the Beatles themselves came from Liverpool, while Manchester is the home town of famous TV shows, Oasis, and artists. It’s the birth place of a variety of movements that have taken place across the UK throughout history, and it’s now a world famous spot for culture. The universities are world class as are the theatres, art galleries, music venues, and the restaurants. Now the restaurants are internationally renowned and you can find some amazing fine dining spots at various cities across the North West of England. There’s nothing stopping you from sampling some of the best food the world has to offer while in the North West, so why not try some of these eateries next time you’re in town.

1. Manchester

Whether you’re visiting the kids at university or just in town for a concert or weekend on the town, there are some high class places to visit while you’re here. With an international airport close by, it’s worth spending a night in town while waiting for your flight. The French is the first stop for most people, which is understandable as the tasting menu showcases the best of what Britain has to offer. James Martin Manchester is located inside Manchester 235 Casino and uses amazing local and seasonal ingredients to bring awesome food, whether you’re gambling or not.

2. Liverpool

The first stop for many visitors to Liverpool is the Cavern Club, but once you’ve satisfied your taste for pop culture, you can head to some great fine dining establishments, such as Panoramic 34 or Alma de Cuba.

3. Chester

This picturesque and pretty town is quaint, but it offers some awesome fine dining experiences that are not common to every small town. Upstairs at The Grill stands out in particular.

The North West has plenty to offer, fine dining included, and is well worth a visit.

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